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Listen To Kids Tote

Listen to Kids tackles child abuse and its repercussions in the communities of and surrounding New Orleans by promoting awareness, prevention, and treatment, and supporting those who do the same.  

Nearly one in five humans will directly experience abuse before their 18th birthday.  That's a HUGE, IMPACTFUL portion of the population.  If abusive experiences are not acknowledged and addressed, the emotional wounds fester and build.  The CDC/Kaiser ACE study, conducted in 1995 and reproduced often since then, has linked unresolved child abuse to long-term, chronic health issues such as addiction, depression/anxiety, suicidality, cancer, and heart disease.  Perhaps the most devastating repercussion of child abuse is that those who do not address it and seek treatment often become abusive themselves, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.  

Tackling child abuse in NOLA means we're building a better future for our community.  Let's break the cycle.

This tote is printed on demand using eco-friendly, water based inks. It will require 4-5 additional processing days for production. Please allow at least 7 business days for this item to ship. Orders with multiple items will ship together.