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How it works

1. Collaboration

We look for non-profits, musicians, artists and small businesses with a dedicated community of supporters to work with us. We collaborate with creative illustrators and designers to conceptualize products that will not only raise funds, but also spur further conversation about our partners.

2. Spread the Word

When product sales are launched, we help our partners spread the word about their featured items, as well as their mission. We help to promote the products online with our partners.

3. Printing & Distribution

Our production method adheres to the use of water-based inks, high-grade materials, and the employment of local print shops to develop the product with us. Once we have ensured the high-quality and integrity of every product, they will be shipped worldwide as orders come in.

4. Profit Sharing

Once products are shipped, we share an equal portion of the funds raised with our partners, our share of which covers the costs of production and staffing. We believe this is a win-win for all parties involved.