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The Defenders! Tote


As the novel virus COVID-19 spreads, we are working quickly to protect the health and safety of our vulnerable clients, and the community at large, by minimizing the risk of exposure and infection while confined in the jail. We are advocating for an immediate decarceration of OJC where the virus is sure to spread like wildfire. We are also advocating for an exponential increase in access to hygiene items for those that remain, and plans to appropriately care for those that will contract the coronavirus.


The mission of the Orleans Public Defenders is to fight for our clients by providing excellent client-centered representation, reforming the system and partnering with the community. We zealously advocate for dignity, justice and hope, and a more fair and just criminal legal system. We believe in the strengths of our clients and their communities, and holistically support them both in court and out.

This design was created by Avery Lawrence


This tote is printed on demand using eco-friendly, water based inks. It will require 3-4 additional processing days before shipping. Please allow at least 7 business days for this item to ship. Orders with multiple items will ship together.