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Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

Founded in 2006 by a select group of leaders in the hospitality community, the Foundation was initially born of the need to provide food for some of the state’s most important charities. Today, the Foundation’s strength lies in a leadership that includes some of the most prominent names of Louisiana’s hospitality businesses. In order to make a real difference, the Foundation’s goals have been extended to include:

  • Discovering which beneficiaries will benefit most from our resources

  • Helping to educate others in culinary and hospitality in an effort to strengthen Louisiana’s hospitality industry

  • Consistently raising funds in order to support local charities

  • Demonstrating the willingness of corporate citizens to give back

Through its hard work and commitment to meet these goals, the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation demonstrates that a small, dedicated group with a vision can create a dramatic impact for their entire community. We rely on generous donations from the community to fulfill our mission. To make a contribution, please visit our Donate Page.




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