Welcome to the LGD.

Coliseum Square Association was founded to protect and revitalize the historic buildings, green spaces and culture within the historic Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

The Lower Garden District (LGD) is noted for its picturesque 19th century architecture, sprawling Live Oak canopies and eclectic shopping and dining. It’s located a short streetcar ride away from the French Quarter and Central Business District which makes it an ideal destination for visitors. It is also home to a diverse swath of New Orleanians who wear their city pride on their sleeves.



In 1970, the neighborhood was very nearly razed by city planners wanting to build a second Mississippi River bridge crossing. This proposal inspired the Coliseum Square Association (CSA) which formed to save their neighborhood from the development. Their conservation efforts eventually culminated in the LGD being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. With the bridge plans then scrapped, the successful CSA continued championing for the preservation of the neighborhood in all facets.



Today, CSA works continuously with the city to craft zoning guidelines that protect historic buildings and ensure appropriate new construction, and has been instrumental in the revitalization of Coliseum Square and other greenspaces.

CSA works with dozens of community leaders to delegate tasks which ensure the health, safety and preservation of their unique place in the world. Whether vetting proposed business or helping keep the streets safe, fulfilling their mission of bettering the city is a constant challenge. The Coliseum Square Association's ongoing efforts have kept the Lower Garden District as a top destination within the world famous city.


The money raised from this campaign will be used for an endowment to keep the fountains in Coliseum Square Park flowing and to improve and restore the parks in the Lower Garden District. The endowment that Coliseum Square Association has been awarded will be matched at 50% by a Freeman Challenge grant from Greater New Orleans Foundation. This endowment will provide funding, in perpetuity, to keep fountains flowing and green spaces maintained. Their current five year goal is to restore lighting, benches, fountains, etc. in the parks and green spaces in the Lower Garden District. They hope for their work to be complete within five years.

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